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With joy and emotion we welcome you to the civil wedding impeccably curated and created by the expert hand of the Quintessential events agency.

Quintessential civil wedding

We celebrate a unique and authentic love that will be framed by extraordinarily thoughtful details

Under the skilled direction of the Quintessential events agency, your love is transformed into an eternal bond in an atmosphere of refinement and beauty, where every detail has been carefully crafted to create a truly extraordinary civil wedding.

Quintessential will take care of your requests by taking care of various aspects and in particular:

matrimonio-civile quintessential - agenzia di eventi e matrimoni milano padova venezia roma treviso firenze
matrimonio-civile quintessential - agenzia di eventi e matrimoni milano padova venezia roma treviso firenze
quintessential - agenzia di eventi e matrimoni milano padova venezia roma treviso firenze

civil wedding

Typical steps for a civil wedding

Here is a brief description of the typical steps that are followed in a civil wedding


First, you need to book the date and time at the relevant registry office or town hall. A certain amount of advance booking is usually required.


Both prospective spouses must provide the required documentation, which may include birth certificates, identification documents, divorce or death certificates (if applicable), as well as clearance statements.

Presentation of documentation

The documentation is submitted to the registrar's office or designated official. It is important to ensure that you provide all correctly completed required documents.

Publication of notices

The publication of marriage announcements is carried out, which consists of posting a public notice for a specific period of time. This allows any legal objections or impediments to be raised before the wedding.


On the day of the wedding, the future spouses and witnesses present themselves at the registry office or at the place designated for the ceremony. Usually, a public official or judge presides over the ceremony and reads the articles of the Civil Code relating to marriage.

Exchange of promises and rings

During the ceremony, the future spouses exchange wedding vows and, if they wish, rings.

Registration of wedding

At the end of the ceremony, the official officially registers the marriage and provides the spouses with a copy of the marriage certificate. This act constitutes legal proof of marriage.

Local laws and practices

It is important to note that the specific steps may vary slightly based on local laws and practices.

If you have specific questions or concerns regarding civil marriage in your country or region, I recommend that you contact the civil registry office or relevant authority directly to obtain up-to-date and accurate information.

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Your vision for your wedding

When you choose Quintessential events agency for your civil wedding, we embrace a unique vision that turns your dreams into reality.

With meticulous attention to every detail and a passion for timeless elegance, Quintessential creates an extraordinary and personalized wedding experience, where every moment becomes a precious memory set in eternity.

Quintessential civil wedding

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Quintessential civil wedding

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