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LGBT Wedding

With pride and celebration, we present to you an impeccably curated LGBT wedding by events agency Quintessential.
In this union of hearts and souls, love breaks free from convention, embracing the individuality and beauty of each unique love story.

quintessential LGBT wedding

LGBT wedding, an authentic celebration that reflects the love and commitment of two people

LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) marriage generally follows the same steps as traditional marriage, with some variations related to legislation and the specific needs of same-sex or transgender couples.

Below you will find a brief description of the typical steps involved in an LGBT wedding:


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A unique wedding that reflects the history and personality of the couple

Every wedding is unique and LGBT couples can choose to include steps and elements
that reflect their personality, their history and their beliefs.


LGBT couples start planning their wedding like any other couple. They decide the date, look for the location, organize the catering and select the details of the ceremony and reception.

LGBTQ+ symbols

LGBT couples often include symbols representing LGBTQ+ pride in their decoration and ceremony. This may include the use of rainbow colors, flags or other symbols that reflect identity and membership in the LGBTQ+ community.

Laws and legal requirements

LGBT couples should inform themselves about the laws and legal requirements related to marriage in their country or jurisdiction. This may include obtaining a marriage license, meeting age and marital status requirements, and complying with any required documents.


Personalized rituals

LGBT couples often customize their ceremony to reflect their history and unique love. They may include symbolic rituals such as the lighting of candles, the obliteration of traditional gender differences in the presentation of faiths, or the addition of significant cultural or religious elements.


During the ceremony, LGBT couples can customize the rituals and readings based on their preferences and traditions. They may choose to include symbolic elements such as exchanging vows, blessing rings, or any other practice that represents their commitment to each other.


Nicknames and titles

LGBT couples may decide to choose alternative nicknames or titles to the traditional ones. For example, they may prefer to use "spouses" instead of "husband" or "wife," or they may choose a title that reflects their gender and identity, such as "partner" or "spouse."

Legal rights and protections

Depending on the jurisdiction, LGBT couples may benefit from state-recognized legal rights and protections, such as tax benefit sharing, spousal health insurance, joint adoption, protection of inheritance rights, and much more.


During the wedding, photographs are taken that capture the highlights of the event and highlight the chosen theme. These photos will be a lasting memory of your special day.

Gifts and keepsakes

The bride and groom can choose to provide their guests with small gifts or souvenirs that represent the theme of the wedding. These can be distributed during the ceremony or at the end of the event.

quintessential LGBT wedding

Our realizations

In every wedding there is a unique story and every love bond gives life to a world of its own.
It is with great pleasure that we present to you a collection of Weddings and Events created by us, through images, details and emotions.
We wish to share with you the essence and depth of these unforgettable experiences.


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quintessential LGBT wedding

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