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Shabby Chic Wedding

We invite you to immerse yourself in a world of rustic charm and delicate romance, where Quintessential events agency transforms your shabby chic wedding into an enchanting experience.
Every detail, carefully shaped, captures the essence of a unique and fascinating style, creating a celebration with a nostalgic flavor and a timeless atmosphere.

shabby chic wedding

Shabby Chic Wedding, "Elegant" but "Rustic"

The Shabby Chic wedding is a wedding style that is inspired by romantic, vintage and slightly shabby aesthetics.

This style is characterized by romantic, delicate elements and a “time-worn” look.

The term “shabby chic” comes from the English “shabby” meaning scruffy or worn, and “chic” referring to refined elegance.


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It's the details that make a Shabby Chic Wedding

Here are some main features of the Shabby Chic wedding.
Find out if you too are Shabby Chic!


Shabby Chic decorations often include vintage elements, such as antique furniture, faded wooden frames, delicate porcelain and period objects. The predominant colors are pastel shades, such as cream white, pale pink, mint green and lilac. Fresh flowers, such as roses, peonies, lavender and gypsophila, are often used to create a romantic atmosphere.


Ideal locations for a Shabby Chic wedding include gardens, country villas, farms or outdoor spaces with an intimate and natural atmosphere. You can use gazebos adorned with lace curtains, create romantic corners with rocking chairs, benches or vintage-style sofas and add soft lighting for a magical atmosphere.

Clothes and style

The bride can opt for a romantic wedding dress, with lace, light fabrics and a soft silhouette. Hair can be braided into boho hairstyles or left loose with natural waves. The style of the guests can be informal, with vintage dresses or light garden dresses and floral accessories.


DIY details

A key element of the Shabby Chic wedding is the DIY attention to detail. Personalized elements such as place cards with handmade labels, carved cards, decorated glass jars and romantic notes contribute to creating an intimate and refined atmosphere.

Food and beverages

The food served can be rustic and home-style, with tables of appetizers, baskets of artisan breads, fresh salads and plates of seasonal vegetables. Drinks can include light, refreshing cocktails, such as mint lemonades or fresh fruit drinks.

quintessential shabby chic wedding

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Quintessential Shabby Chic Wedding

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