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Symbolic wedding

We invite you to immerse yourself in the enchantment of a symbolic wedding masterfully created by the Quintessential events agency.
In this ritual, love is translated into tangible symbols, celebrating a deep and lasting bond between hearts and souls.

quintessential symbolic wedding

Soul ties and tangible symbols: the perfect symbolic wedding organized by Quintessential

The symbolic marriage represents the desire to seal a union that has no legal or civil value.

Through significant symbols, every detail tells the unique story of the couple, creating an eternal bond that goes beyond time.

The symbolic wedding can be celebrated anywhere but you must always ask for permission or requests if the celebration is held in public places.


quintessential wedding

Symbolic wedding rites

The rites performed during a symbolic wedding may vary based on the participants’ preferences and cultural traditions.

Here are some common examples of rituals.

Exchange of votes

Partners exchange promises and declarations of love that represent their commitment to each other. This may include writing and reading personalized vows.

Exchange of rings

As in traditional marriage, partners may exchange rings to symbolize their commitment. The rings can be personalized or have a special meaning for the couple.

Candle ceremony

Partners light a candle each and then together use their flames to light a third candle. This symbolizes the union of their lives and the creation of a new family.

Wine or mixed wine ceremony

Partners pour two separate wines into a single cup, mixing the flavors. This symbolizes the mixing of their lives and the sharing of joys and challenges.

Ribbon ceremony

Partners tie their wrists with a ribbon or cord to represent the union of their destinies. Afterwards, the ribbon is cut to symbolize freedom and the beginning of a new phase of life together.

Sandblasting ceremony

Partners pour different colored sand into a vase, creating a colorful collage that represents the integration of their lives. The end result symbolizes the unity and interconnectedness of their experiences.

Ceremony with Celtic rite

The bride and groom, facing each other eye to eye, holding hands were then wrapped together with a ceremonial rope, symbolizing their bond of union. They then drink mead from the same cup followed by the lighting of a fire which symbolizes their passion.

Ceremony with rose ritual

The rose ritual consists of the mutual exchange of a rose by the spouses, a first symbolic gift, a promise of affection and fidelity and a simple way to say "I love you". The gesture can be accompanied by wedding vows which can be kept together with the roses.

quintessential symbolic wedding

Our realizations

In every wedding there is a unique story and every love bond gives life to a world of its own.
It is with great pleasure that we present to you a collection of Weddings and Events created by us, through images, details and emotions.
We wish to share with you the essence and depth of these unforgettable experiences.

quintessential symbolic wedding

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