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Country wedding

Welcome to an atmosphere of refined rustic and country charm, where the Quintessential events agency transforms your country chic wedding into an authentic and charming experience.
Every detail, expertly curated, captures the essence of a rurally elegant style, creating a celebration that blends nature and grace with a touch of sophisticated simplicity.

country wedding

Country Wedding, "Rustic" charm with a touch of "Romanticism"

The country wedding is a unique experience that combines rustic and informal charm with a touch of romance.

This type of wedding takes place in an outdoor location, such as a charming farm or a charming ranch, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Decoration is another key element of a country wedding. The location is embellished with rustic details, such as hay, straw, wood and country flowers.

Lanterns, fairy lights and candles create a romantic and intimate atmosphere. Tables are adorned with rustic centerpieces, such as bouquets of wildflowers in recycled tin or glass vases.


country wedding

Decoration is a key element of a country wedding

Here are some particularly interesting aspects of the Country wedding.

Horse-drawn carriage or wagon

For a truly country touch, you can opt for a horse-drawn carriage or carriage for the bride's arrival at the ceremony or for a romantic ride after the wedding.


Typically, a country wedding takes place in an outdoor location, such as a farm, ranch or rustic garden. The couple selects a location that reflects the atmosphere and style of the country wedding.



The bride often opts for a wedding dress with a country style, such as a lace dress with floral details or a boho style dress. The groom can wear a cowboy suit or a suit with western details. Guests are encouraged to wear casual, comfortable clothing, such as jeans, plaid shirts and boots.

Food and beverages

Food served at a country wedding may include regional specialties or rustic dishes such as barbecue, stews, cornbread, baked potatoes and fresh salads. For drinks, it is common to offer alcoholic cocktails such as mint lemonade or fruit punch. You can also set up a table with a selection of whiskeys or craft beers.


Thematic photobooth

Set up a photobooth with country-themed accessories and backdrops for guests to take fun photos during the wedding. You can include cowboy hats, fake mustaches, giant flowers and other related elements.

Country dancing

Host a country dance lesson or dance performance during the wedding. Consider inviting a dance teacher or a group of professional dancers to entertain guests and teach them some country dance moves.

Fireworks or bonfire

End the evening with a fireworks display or lighting an outdoor bonfire. This creates a festive and romantic atmosphere, perfect for country weddings.

quintessential country wedding

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quintessential country wedding

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